Campaign manager: 100 percent chance Buddy Roemer will run for Americans Elect presidential nomination

According to campaign manager Carlos Sierra, there is a “100 percent” chance that Republican Party presidential candidate Buddy Roemer will seek the nomination of Americans Elect, an independent U.S. third party established for the 2012 election.

Sierra made the comment after being notified that the campaign manager of Roemer’s fellow GOP candidate, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, reportedly told a Libertarian Party official that he was “99 percent” sure Johnson would seek that party’s presidential nomination. Sierra said he would “one up Governor Johnson”.

Roemer, who served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1981’1988) and as Governor of Louisiana (1988’1992), does not accept Political Action Committee (PAC) money and has not been invited to any GOP presidential debates. He recently appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto and hinted that he would make an independent run.

Roemer commented that Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman or businessman Erskine Bowles would make good choices for a running mate. A bipartisan ticket would fulfill the requirements of Americans Elect.

Americans Elect intends to field a viable candidate for the 2012 presidential election and challenge the Republicans and Democrats. It has attained ballot access in ten states including Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Utah, and is petitioning to appear on the ballot in all fifty states.

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