Two injured, three dead in mid-air collision near Maryland airport

A helicopter and a small airplane collided near Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Maryland just after 3:40 local time yesterday afternoon (1940 UTC). The collision was reported around a mile (one and a half kilometres) from the airport, just north … Continue reading

Wikinews interviews Kristian Hanson, producer-director of indie horror film ‘Sledge’

Just days away from Halloween, Wikinews interviewed Kristian Hanson, producer-director of independent slasher film Sledge. The film has been a recent source of discussion in horror fan circles, primarily due to its production budget of only US$800. Sledge is Hanson’s … Continue reading

One confirmed dead after shooting at National War Memorial in Ottawa

One gunman is dead, police confirm, following a shooting incident on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, today that killed a Canadian Forces standing guard at the National War Memorial. This occurs after two Canadian Forces members were … Continue reading

US scientists find evidence for group selection of spider colonies in the wild

US biologists from the Universities of Pittsburgh and Vermont have found that social spiders of species Anelosimus studiosus exhibit apparent group selection, determining a trait affecting the colony’s survival. According to one of the researchers, this is the first experimental … Continue reading

Patient under evaluation with Ebola-like symptoms in Washington D.C.

A patient was admitted to a hospital in Washington, D.C. after showing Ebola-like symptoms, according to a statement yesterday by hospital spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton. Hamilton confirmed Howard University Hospital admitted the patient in stable condition. The patient had been to … Continue reading