Germanwings Flight 9525 crashes into French Alps, 150 on board

Germanwings Flight 9525, an Airbus A320 carrying 150 passengers and crew, crashed into the French Alps yesterday between Digne and Barcelonnette. Officials said there were no survivors. The plane was flying to Duesseldorf, Germany from Barcelona, Spain. An emergency recovery … Continue reading

RTVE’s US correspondent gets condemnation for ‘false accusations and offensive insults’

The Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York published Thursday and updated yesterday, at its official websites, a press release condemning Spanish RTVE’s United States correspondent and bureau chief Almudena Ariza, asking RTVE’s Ethics Department to “dismiss the correspondent … Continue reading

Supreme Court of Sweden agrees to try Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige versus Wikimedia Sverige

The highest court in Sweden, the Supreme Court of Sweden, agreed on Monday to try the case “Ö 849-15” between Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige (BUS, Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden) and Wikimedia Sverige (Wikimedia Sweden). The jurisprudence could result … Continue reading